Last year for Dad's Day we had brunch at the Alpha Chi house on a Saturday morning in February and then went to the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase that night! Not only was the comedian hilarious, but also it was a really fun venue to go to with our dads. One of the greatest aspects of Dad's Day is that you get the chance to meet your friends' dads while enjoying the company of your own. 



For Mom's Day last year we had an array of choices, including cupcake decorating from Rubina's Cupcakes at the chapter house on Saturday afternoon, the Little Shop of Horrors show put on by U of M's Musket Theater on Saturday night, and discounted manicures and pedicures on Sunday. In addition, Mom's Day always falls on the same weekend as our philanthropy auction, so on Saturday morning girls and their moms had the opportunity to bid on things together! Again, one of the most important parts of Mom's Weekend is to have a great time with your mom while also meeting your sisters' moms :)



Senior week is a week at the end of April dedicated to celebrating the graduating seniors in Alpha Chi. During this week there is a senior dinner at the chapter house, gifts from the chapter, and letters that their sisters have written to them. Seniors invite their friends to carry them out of the chapter house and will some of their special college items to girls who have not yet graduated. In addition, senior week leads up to Formal, where the seniors are honored in front of the chapter.



Ice skating, Apple Orchard, Bounce Zone,
 Pumpkin Carving, etc.

One of the sisterhood events we did last year was ice skate at Yost Ice Arena on a Sunday afternoon. There were plenty of cookies, brownies, and other treats while we all got to ice skate together! We also visited a nearby orchard in the fall, carved pumpkins, and treated our new members to a special event, which was at a bounce zone this past year.

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