If you're looking for girls who know how to balance a hectic academic, extracurricular, and social schedule, Alpha Chi is the perfect sorority for you. Alpha Chi's can be seen all over, whether it’s cheering on the Wolverines at the Big House, volunteering for a club, or making a difference in other organizations on campus. Social and sisterhood functions are two very exciting parts of our sorority and also two unique aspects of the college experience.


At the beginning of every year, Alpha Chi Theta Chapter celebrates football Saturdays with our chosen Pregame Partners. 


This past year, the men of Pike brought breakfast to our house and woke our members up before continuing on to their chapter house around the corner.  After a new pledge class is initiated into Alpha Chi Omega, we celebrate with a "Carry In" by the members of Pike! The girls wait outside the chapter house while a group of boys carry in each girl. Every year we have four Alpha Chi Date Parties including Barn Dance, Semi-formal during the holidays and the Spring, as well as Formal later on to end the year! We love any opportunities to partner with a fraternity and spend the evening at a local piano bar, karaoke bar, or sporting event.

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